How to protect from scammers

All transactions are protected by escrow. When a transaction is opened, the corresponding amount of WebMoney is automatically transferred to the service WM-purse.
And stored there until the seller WebMoney will not confirm receipt of all money to his bank account, bank card, etc.

If you are selling WebMoney never close the deal without making sure that you have received money from your WebMoney buyer - your counterparty.

To make the exchange safe

  • Do not pay any invoices in WebMoney Keeper. Write-off of title signs WM from purses is made only on trust which is established once.
  • Do not confirm application, while you will not receive all money on the account. Scammers often ask for confirmation of the transfer under any pretext.
  • If you have not received the money, in any case, do not close the transaction.
  • Take your time. If in doubt, write to us at first.
  • Do not take anyone's word for it. Check the money in your account manually, do not trust texts or emails. Go to your bank app and make sure you have received all the money on the application.

What to do if you do get scammed

  • Immediately cancel the confirmation of receipt of funds. The button for this (red) is available on your deal page for a few minutes after the exchange is completed. In this case, funds on the request will be frozen on the service WM-purse and your counterparty will receive them only after the administrator's intervention.

What to do if you do get scammed and did not cancel the deal