Cards.Exchanger section description and procedure

The section allows the mutual exchange of WebMoney title units to RUB, EUR, UAH, BYN, KZT, UZS, VND, CNY, MDL, IRR respectively, by sending a transfer from one of the transaction participants (hereinafter referred to as the sending participant) from their bank card to the card specified by the other transaction participant (hereinafter referred to as the recipient participant). Only WebMoney Transfer system members with a Formal (or higher) WM passport can make operations in the section.

When selling WebMoney title units, in order to guarantee the successful execution of transactions, in the service charges a deposit of 2% of the transaction amount, which is returned to the exchange participant immediately after its successful completion. The deposit is charged in WebMoney title units. If the transaction has taken place, but the recipient participant did not confirm receipt of the transfer in time, the deposit may be withheld in favor of the sender's participant. Withholding of the insurance deposit in favor of the sending participant occurs, for example, if he sent the transfer to the recipient participant's card, which was specified incorrectly. When buying WebMoney title units, no deposit is charged. For all other controversial issues that arise when making an exchange in the Cards.Exchanger section, the service administrator makes a decision after the proceedings with the exchange participants.

The exchange between the participants of transaction is carried out without additional commission, on the conditions agreed upon placing the exchange application. Only the WebMoney Transfer system commission (0.8%) is charged from the recipient participant.

According to the Exchanger rules, it is forbidden to change the terms of transaction without the consention of two parties. If the counterparty does not agree with the proposed terms, the transaction must be canceled.

Minimum and maximum exchange amounts:

The section operation algorithm:

  • The first participant makes an application for an exchange. If it is the recipient-participant, then in addition of the exchange terms and contact information, he / she indicates his / her bank card which the respondent (sender participant) will send the transfer to. The applicant's contact information (WMID, email, phone number) is available only for the service administrator. After successful verification of the WM purse balance specified when submitting an application (from the moment of checking the balance and before starting the exchange on this purse, the WebMoney title units amount should not be less: for the sending participant - the amount of the insurance premium, for the recipient participant - the exchange amount and the amount of the insurance premium), the application is published in the current exchange list.
  • The second participant wishing to make an exchange, issues a counter request, agreeing to the terms and conditions specified in the offer he has chosen. If a counter-order submission is successful, the WebMoney title units are automatically transferred in accordance with the terms of the exchange to a special WM-purse of the service.: for the recipient participant - the transfer amount is equal to the deposit and exchange amount. Both exchange participants receive notifications about starting the exchange by email and via internal WM-mail. The sending participant is informed about the recipient participant's bank card number.
  • Thereafter, the sending participant within 24 hours should send a transfer to the recipient participant’s bank card using their Bank's website or any service for transferring funds from card to card, and via the Cards.Exchanger section website confirm the fact of sending the transfer by informing the following data: the transfer amount, the date and the last 4 digits of the Bank card The recipient participant receives notification about sending a bank transfer by email and internal WM-mail. If the sending participant is unable to send the transfer for any reason, they can cancel the transaction on the request page. In this case all funds debited from the recipient participant's purse will be refunded. In case of violation of the terms, the recipient participant should contact the service administrator.
  • At the final stage, when the recipient participant confirms through Cards.Exchanger section website reception of funds to the Bank card, a refund of the deposit will be made to the recipient participant, and the sending participant will receive on his WM-purse the transaction amount previously sent to the service WM-purse by recipient participant. Return of WM title units upon completion of the transaction is made with a delay that varies from 5 minutes to 1 hour. If within 72 hours from the time of sending transfer (from the time the recipient participant receives the message about sending the transfer), funds are not credited to the recipient participant’s Bank card, he should contact the service administrator to find out the reasons for the delay. If within 72 hours from the day the recipient participant receives the message about sending the transfer, the recipient participant does not confirm reception of the payment, the sender participant should contact the service administrator. In case of unreasonable delay in confirmation of reception of payment by the receiving participant, the deposit may be withheld in favor of the sending participant.
  • Each participant can monitor the progress of the exchange at any time and find out its current state. Viewing is carried out through the list of the own applications.
  • Any new (non-counter) application can be deleted until the moment of exchanging funds.

Time restrictions:

  • The sending participant should transfer funds to the counterparty’s Bank card (recipient participant) no later than 24 hours from the date of issuing the counter request.
  • The recipient participant should confirm the reception of funds to the Bank card no later than 72 hours after receiving a message about the transfer being sent by the counterparty. An exception is cases when the transfer was not actually received (the duration of the card to card transfer be up to 5 working days).