Agreement on the terms of work on the p2p service for the exchange of financial instruments

Peer-to-peer exchange service (website: is a public, independent platform for the exchange of financial instruments managed through accounting systems with Internet access.

Use of the website («Website») and the service offered on the Website («Service»), is governed by the terms contained on this page of the agreement («Terms»). This agreement represents the entirety of the agreements between the parties.

By accessing information on the Website, viewing and downloading such information, as well as using the Service provided by the Administrator, you confirm that you have read these Terms, understand them and unconditionally agree to be bound by these Terms.



means the Terms of Use provided for in this document.


International system WebMoney Transfer -


means any data entered on the site by you or an authorized person.


eans any member of the WebMoney Transfer system using the p2p exchange platform in their own interests.


means all services available through the Website including services at (the list of which may be changed at one time or another).

«Web site»

means any images, written materials, databases, software or other materials provided at

Access conditions.

  1. By logging into the Service as a participant in the exchange, the User guarantees that:
    1. I agree with the terms of the Terms of Use;
    2. I am familiar with the Description and work algorithm of Emoney.Exchanger and accept them;
    3. Is the legal owner of the instruments (property rights) that it offers for exchange, and that these instruments were obtained from a legal source;
    4. Using the services does not violate the laws of the jurisdiction of his residence;
    5. I am aware of the risks arising from the use of the services provided by Among such risks is the possibility of losing all its instruments offered for exchange, if, after the end of the exchange and confirmation of its success by the User, the actions of the other party to the exchange led to the blocking or revocation of everything received by the User in the accounting systems of instruments external to WebMoney Transfer.
    6. Any accounting requisite (external address) specified by him for the exchange of instruments belongs to him, and he fully controls this address
    7. Is not a resident of any jurisdiction on the territory of which the provision of services offered by WebMoney is prohibited
    8. When gaining access to the Service and using it, the User undertakes to:
      • Do not use, including unlawfully, the Services in any way if it damages the functionality of the Services, the Website or other systems used to ensure the operation of the Services, or if it prevents any other user from using the Services or the Website;
      • Do not attempt to gain unauthorized access to the computer system on which the Website is hosted or to materials other than those to which you have been given direct access or whose use has been expressly permitted;
      • Not transfer or post on the Website (including public chat) files that may harm the computer devices or software of any other person; content that may be offensive; or materials (Data) that violate the law (including Data or other materials protected by copyright or trademarks that you may not use);
      • Do not attempt to modify, copy, adapt, reproduce, disassemble, decompile or reverse engineer the computer programs used to operate the Services or operate the Website, except as necessary to use a particular Service or Website normally mode.
      • Ensure secure storage of all user details and tools required to access the Website. Immediately notify the Administrator of any fact of unauthorized use of your user profile or security breach;
    9. The user undertakes to completely indemnify us from liability and compensate for any claims of third parties presented as a result of his actions;
  2. Guarantees
    1. The user confirms that:
      • has the right to access and use the Website; in particular, in the country of his residence, citizenship or business it is allowed to use services;
      • It independently bears all risks associated with the use of the Website and the Service.
      • Agrees that the Administrator is not responsible for any damage or harm caused as a result of your use of the Website and Service;
      • The information provided on the Website is for informational purposes only and is not intended to mislead users.
      • The information is not perceived by the User as a recommendation for performing exchange operations or using the proposed Administrator in any particular mode;
      • The Administrator does not guarantee that the use of the Website will be uninterrupted or error-free. Among other things, the operation and availability of the systems used to access the Website, including public telephone services, computer networks and the Internet, may be unpredictable and may sometimes prevent access to the Website. The Administrator is not responsible for any such circumstances that prevent access or use of the Website and Service.
    2. The administrator does not provide any guarantees regarding the Website. Without limiting the foregoing, the Administrator does not guarantee that the Website will meet the requirements or purposes of the User.
  3. Limitation of Liability
    1. The Administrator is not responsible for the availability of the Website at any time (in those cases when it is used over the Internet) if the User or a third party provides computer equipment, on the functionality of which the provision of the product depends.
    2. The user confirms that the Internet and the worldwide network may be unavailable at the time he needs due to restrictions beyond the control of the Administrator. The User agrees that the Administrator is not responsible for slowing down the Website.
    3. The User agrees that all transactions are concluded on the Service exclusively between the Users, and the Service is only a technical party that temporarily accepts collateral instruments for transactions.
    4. The User agrees that the Administrator decides on the return of collateral to the participants in the transaction only on the basis of a message from the parties about the successful completion of the exchange.
    5. The user assumes full responsibility and the risk of losses as a result of his use of the Service.
    6. The User undertakes to indemnify the Administrator, his contractors and licensors, as well as their directors, officers, employees and agents from liability for any claims and expenses, including costs of legal services, arising from the User's use of the Website, including, but not limited to, violation of User of this Agreement.
    7. Neither the Administrator nor his technical partners are liable in connection with this or that section of this agreement by virtue of the contract, as a result of negligence, within the framework of objective responsibility or other approach under the law or equity:
      • for any special, incidental or consequential losses of the User;
      • for termination of use, loss or distortion of data;
      • for the User's losses caused by the actions of the exchange party to withdraw exchange tools in external systems, after informing the Administrator about the successful completion of the exchange.
  4. Settlements.
    1. All settlements made on the exchange service occur exclusively between users - participants in the exchange and are final. The administrator only provides the technical possibility of sending guarantee fees to one or another party to the exchange in accordance with the terms of the transaction concluded between them.
  5. The procedure for considering controversial situations in exchange transactions.
    1. ЕIf the parties to the exchange do not agree with the outcome of the exchange, either party or the Administrator can initiate a dispute. Controversial transactions are considered by officials of the Administrator, in case of impossibility of consideration, they are transferred to the WebMoney Arbitration. The administrator resolves disputes by carefully evaluating the terms of exchange, proof of payment, chat messages, user reputation, other data submitted by users, and external accounting systems, including WebMoney Transfer. WM title units are a pledge instrument on the service. Pledges are accepted from the parties in accordance with the terms of the exchange transaction in volumes. When considering a dispute, if the sender of WM does not respond, the Administrator takes the side of the recipient of WM, if convincing evidence of the receipt of the instrument of exchange by the sender is provided. If the recipient of WM does not answer, the sender can dispute the transaction, and the Administrator returns the collateral to the sender. After the transaction has been completed by the sender of WM as successful, the WM are sent to the recipient and the transaction is considered completed and cannot be disputed, canceled or changed. Providing false information or documents in a dispute or making false statements or attempts to influence the resolution of the dispute in any other way is a violation of this Agreement and leads to the withholding of the bail of the guilty party.